07/15/2014 02:44 EDT | Updated 07/15/2014 02:59 EDT

Leonardo DiCaprio Look-Alike Nabs Modelling Contract

One teen can thank Instagram for kick-starting his modelling career.

Seventeen-year-old Charles Levi, who is now known as Leonardo DiCaprio’s look-alike, was posting selfies on the social media site when he caught the attention of Sydney photographers Richard Sawyer and Michelle Lobb. The two got in touch with Levi, who agreed to do a photoshoot with them.

After posting their photos online, the images were then spotted by Jaime McHugh, a model scout for Sydney’s Chadwick Modeling Agency. From there, he connected with Levi, and the agency signed him on the spot, according to Buzzfeed.

So far, the young DiCaprio has done four photoshoots, including one for international men’s fashion magazine F*cking Young. “I'm finding it kind of strange being in the limelight really,” Levi told the Daily Mail. “It's pretty awesome and everything — it's a great experience and great way to meet new creative people.”

But despite his newfound fame, Levi maintains that school is still his number one priority. “My plan for the future is to hopefully get into a university down in Sydney so I can study there,” he said. “Or perhaps even taking a gap year to have a go at modeling and to see where it goes.”

And as for his resemblance to Oscar-winning actor Leonardo DiCaprio, the 17 year old says he doesn’t see it. His cheekbones and blue eyes, however, beg to differ.

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