07/15/2014 02:24 EDT | Updated 09/14/2014 05:59 EDT

Fontana tells judge: 'I'm going to live with this for the rest of my life'

LONDON, Ont. - Joe Fontana, the former mayor of London, Ont., who was convicted of fraud-related offences from his time as a federal Liberal cabinet minister, received a four-month conditional sentence and 18-months probation Tuesday.

Here's is what he told the judge at the sentencing hearing:

Your honour, 60 years ago, in fact, just last month, my family and I were given the incredible honour and privilege to come to a great country. For 32 years I tried to serve my constituents, both the city and the country.

Nine years ago I did something very, very stupid, very, very, very wrong. I made a big, big mistake. What's ensued since then is I've disgraced my family, my mother and father, who gave me an opportunity and spoke to me about always giving back and my wife, my kids, my friends, my community and city and country and the very institutions that I've always respected — especially this one.

Your honour, I regret the pain, the embarrassment that I have caused my family. And my 10-year-old grandson has to start defending me in the schoolyard. I regret the pain that I've caused them — my friends, my community that I love, the city and the country that I love and your honour, I'm going to live with this for the rest of my life. I know that. Thank you.