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Nathen Steffel Asked The Internet To Photoshop His Deceased Baby And The Results Are Stunning

Ohio father Nathen Steffel lost his daughter last Thursday.

Six-week-old Sophia died after developing hepatic hemangioma, a tumour on her liver. She had been on a waiting list for treatment before she died due from complications that arose from the condition, according to a Reddit post.

Before her death, Steffel never managed to take a photo of his daughter when she wasn't hooked up to hospital tubes.

So he turned to Reddit on Sunday and asked users if they could help remove the tubes from a picture of Sophia using Photoshop.

The response, he told Today Parents, was overwhelming.

Several Reddit users submitted their versions of the photo without the tubes. Some changed the background to place Sophia in more comfortable settings, such as in nature or a soft-looking bed.

Other users uploaded sketches or even shared their own experiences of having children in hospital.

"I didn't really want all the publicity, I just wanted a picture," Steffel told Today. "What I received was a whole lot of love and support from complete strangers."

He now plans to hang up some of his favourite drawings and photos that were submitted in response to the post, BuzzFeed reported. Some artists also mailed their work directly to him.

"It helped knowing that others cared enough to stop whatever they were doing in their own lives to either send me a picture or just their condolences," he said.

Here are some photos of Sophia Reddit users submitted:

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Posted by tacothecat and roseanna777

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