07/15/2014 03:42 EDT | Updated 07/15/2014 04:59 EDT

Square Watermelons Now Available In Alberta

Good news for Albertans eager to try a square watermelon — you no longer have to travel to Japan (or Vancouver) to get your fix.

The bad news is that these exotic, wacky-shaped fruit will burn a giant hole in your pocket and reportedly don't taste that great.

Several sightings of the fruit have been made at Save-On-Foods locations around Alberta, including one in Canmore and one at the Calgary Panorama Hills location.

But buying one will set you back $200.

The square watermelons are grown in Japan in tempered glass boxes, where farmers check on them several times a day. This labour intensive process means a heavy mark-up.

Overwaitea Food Group has been importing square watermelons to B.C.'s high-end grocery chain Urban Fare for about 10 years.

An Urban Fare manager in Vancouver told the Huffington Post B.C. that customers and businesses have been purchasing the fruit for the novelty, and that the store usually sells out of its 100 or so watermelons every year.

Save-On-Foods did not immediately return a call about the popularity of the fruit in Alberta.

However, it's reported that square watermelons are actually quite bitter and bad tasting because they're harvested before they're ripe. So don't expect the taste to match the price.

Square Watermelons

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