07/16/2014 01:08 EDT | Updated 09/15/2014 05:59 EDT

New Brunswick legislature to directly pay rent for constituency offices

FREDERICTON - Politicians in New Brunswick will no longer be responsible for paying the rent for their constituency offices.

Members of the legislative administration committee have decided that those bills should be paid directly by the legislative assembly.

Previously, members paid their constituency office rent and submitted bills to the legislature for reimbursement.

The move follows a recommendation made in April by a review into the constituency expenses filed by Greg Davis, the member for Campbellton-Restigouche Centre.

The committee asked legislature staff to examine Davis's expenses after the Progressive Conservative party had to cover $5,125 in rent for his riding office from February to June of 2012.

The committee's report said Davis fell behind in his office rent again from Sept. 15, 2013, to March 31 of this year, owing $6,665.

Those arrears, as well as $1,028 in legal, bailiff and moving costs in order to reopen the constituency office and retrieve furniture that was seized, were covered by the legislature.

Both Liberal and Tory members of the committee say having the legislature pay the rent will lessen the burden on members and make the process more transparent.