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Places In Canada You Won't Believe Actually Exist

Breathtaking spots from coast to coast to coast.

They're real and they're spectacular.

This is Mount Thor on Baffin Island in Nunavut

(Nestor Lewyckyj)

It has the world's highest vertical drop

That's 1,250 metres, straight down. The CN Tower is 553 metres tall

(Nestor Lewyckyj)

This is Abraham Lake in Alberta

(Flickr: matlacha)

The artificially created body of water looks pretty unreal in the summer...

... But in the winter it looks like this

Because a lake of ice bubbles is a real thing

This is the Manicouagan crater in Quebec


It's around 215 million years old and holds the title for largest visible impact crater on Earth

The massive Daniel-Johnson Dam turns the crater into an enormous reservoir

That is easily seen from space


But it's far from the only crazy Canadian impact site

This is Pingualuit crater in Quebec


It's around 3.5 kilometres in diameter...

... And 1.4 million years old. That's a toddler in crater years


It also looks pretty crazy from space

These are pingos in the Northwest Territories

(Flickr: DParsons1)

The mounds are actually massive hunks of ice covered in earth

(Flickr: Tania Liu)

When they melt they look like this


This is the Sleeping Giant in Ontario

(Flickr: Calypso Orchid)

And this is what it looks like from a helicopter


This is the Bay of Fundy in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick

It has the highest tidal range in the world

The difference between low and high tide can be as much as 16 metres. That's roughly the height of a five-storey building

(Flickr: Gillian)

This is Nahanni National Park in the N.W.T.

It's basically "The Land Before Time"

Mixed with the "Lord of the Rings"


Virginia Falls in Nahanni is roughly twice as high as Niagara Falls

This is Spotted Lake in B.C.

Mineral concentrations cause the crazy colours

(Flickr: Chris Wenger)

This is the sky in Saskatchewan

Sometimes it looks scary

Other times it's stunningly beautiful

There's a reason they call it the "Land of the Living Skies"

This is the Western Brook Pond in Gros Morne National Park in Newfoundland & Labrador

(Flickr: Emmanuel Milou)

This is a glacial cave in Jasper National Park in Alberta

And this one is in the Pemberton Ice Fields in B.C.

This cave is on Devon Island in Nunavut

(Angus Duncan)

It's actually a channel inside a melting glacier

(Angus Duncan)

And there's lots of melting to go around...

(Angus Duncan)

Which is an important reminder that not all of Canada's natural wonders will last forever. See them now before they're gone

We know we missed many, many surreal spots in Canada. Tell us your favourite ones in the comments.

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