07/16/2014 03:33 EDT | Updated 09/15/2014 05:59 EDT

Tips to keep your barbecue food safe: Clean, separate, cook and chill

The Canadian Partnership for Consumer Food Safety has four tips to keep your summer barbecue safe — clean, separate, cook and chill.


— Washing fresh fruits and vegetables will get rid of surface bacteria, which can include E. coli.

— Clean cutting boards, countertops and knives often to avoid the growth of bacteria.

— Wash hands to avoid cross-contamination between meat and other foods while prepping.

— If using a food thermometer to determine internal temperature for meat, ensure it's cleaned between uses.


— Use a separate cutting board for produce and meat.

— Prepare raw meat in a different area of the kitchen than raw fruits and vegetables.

— Ensure separate dishes are used for raw meat and cooked meat.


— Always use a food thermometer to determine if meat is cooked.

Use the Government of Canada's food safety guide on internal temperatures:

— Beef, veal and lamb cooked medium-rare 63 C (145 F) to well done 77 C (170 F)

— Pork should reach 71 C (160 F)

— Ground beef, veal, lamb and pork should reach 71 C (160 F)

— Poultry pieces should reach 74 C (165 F)

— Fish should reach 70 C (158 F)


— Keep salads, dressings, condiments for burgers and fruits chilled and covered during your barbecue.

— Put leftovers away within two hours and store them at a temperature lower than 4 C (40 C).