07/16/2014 05:14 EDT | Updated 09/11/2014 09:59 EDT

Vancouver Real Estate: Boarded-Up Home On Sale For $25.8 Million

As the most expensive city in Canada, Vancouver is known for its high real estate prices.

For example, a West Vancouver mansion hits the market for $20 million. A downtown Vancouver penthouse gets set for $15 million. And a historic mansion is listed for $10.9 million.

Now there's a new property marketed for a whopping $25.8 million. For that, you get a house that's all boarded up.

Located in the Point Grey neighbourhood, the property boasts ocean views and 52,141 sq.-ft. of land. But the house itself was built in 1937. The listing suggests you build a "MAJESTIC MANSION" with "luxurious swimming pool, professional tennis court, magnificent garden."

Would you buy a teardown for that price?

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