07/17/2014 06:27 EDT | Updated 09/16/2014 05:59 EDT

Orphaned YouTube cubs missing mom but recovering at Yukon preserve

WHITEHORSE - Two black-bear cubs that starred in a YouTube video are now safe at the Yukon Wildlife Preserve but they are clearly missing their mom.

Preserve spokesman Greg Meredith says the brother-and-sister bears cried out for their dead mother all night during their first 24 hours the facility.

All three bruins gained fame when Environment Yukon posted a video on YouTube showing their release back to the wild after they were caught rummaging through neighbourhood garbage.

But the mother bear was destroyed when she crossed the Yukon River with her cubs, returning to the same Whitehorse area where they'd been removed.

Meredith says Environment Yukon will now decide if the cubs will be sent to a zoo or released back into the wild.

He says the cubs have been eating, are healthy and will have medical checkups tomorrow. (CKRW)