07/17/2014 04:32 EDT | Updated 07/17/2014 05:59 EDT

Weird Al's 'Handy' Video Turns Iggy's 'Fancy' Into A Home Repair Brag-Rap

It's been a, shall we say, weird week as musical comedy genius 'Weird Al' Yankovic has been releasing a music video a day to celebrate the release of his 14th album, "Mandatory Fun."

Today, though, has been more scary and sad with the news of the downing of a Malaysian Airways flight over Ukraine and the launching of a ground offensive in Gaza, not to mention the deaths of Elaine Stritcht and Johnny Winter.

And so we really needed Weird Al's latest video, "Handy," which turns Iggy Azalea's "Fancy" into an ode to his mad home improvement skills:

"Now let me glue that, glue that and screw that, screw that

Any random chore you got, well I can do that, do that

Or maybe I'll just rewire your house for fun

I got 99 problems but a switch ain't one."

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