07/17/2014 12:04 EDT | Updated 09/15/2014 05:59 EDT

WestJet Tire Blows On Calgary Runway, Takeoff Aborted

WJA8950 to YYC on it's delivery flight.
CALGARY - There were no injuries when a tire on a WestJet flight headed to New York blew just before takeoff.

People on board flight 1680 Wednesday morning say the plane started shaking badly and they heard a loud bang.

The pilots were able to stop the plane without incident.

The passengers stayed on the 737 while crews inspected the damage and technicians replaced the tire and checked out the brakes.

The aircraft was then taxied back to the terminal so the passengers could be placed on another flight leaving a few hours later.

Passenger Greg Norris says the inflight crew kept the passengers updated and passed out water as people waited for the plane to be serviced.

“We slowed down right away," said Norris. "The pilot handled it really well and we came to a stop on the runway and they came on and said, `yep, we’ve blown a tire.'

“Everybody was fine, so it wasn’t that traumatic or anything like that, but it was different from a normal takeoff."


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