07/18/2014 04:48 EDT | Updated 09/17/2014 05:59 EDT

Alberta Tory leadership candidate wants ankle bracelets, inmate work program

CALGARY - Alberta Tory leadership candidate Ric McIver says if he became premier he would put some inmates to work in jail and make others wear ankle bracelets after they're out.

McIver announced his justice platform Friday in Calgary.

He said he would require high-risk offenders guilty of domestic violence to wear the tracking devices upon release.

That's already being done as a pilot project in Red Deer and McIver says he would expand it across Alberta.

"This is simply the right thing to do if you believe that protecting victims of crime is very important and that the rights of victims should trump the rights of offenders."

McIver said he would also introduce a volunteer work program for inmates in provincial jails. The federal government currently has two such programs.

And he would eliminate traffic cameras that catch speeders going through green lights, calling them a "regressive tax" on motorists.

McIver is vying with Jim Prentice and Thomas Lukaszuk for the Tory leadership and premier's job. Party members are to vote in September.