07/18/2014 02:19 EDT | Updated 09/17/2014 05:59 EDT

Edmonton Guards Punished For Allowing Prisoner's Escape

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EDMONTON - Alberta's justice department says it has disciplined some of its correctional officers following the escape of a murder suspect in hospital.

Officials say a review found the staff didn't follow protocol and could have prevented the escape.

They would not reveal how many officers were disciplined or what their punishments were.

Christopher Nagel was facing a charge of first-degree murder in the death of his wife, when he was taken to Edmonton's University of Alberta Hospital in May.

Alberta Justice said at the time that the inmate escaped when a guard let him go to the washroom, which had a second door.

Nagel allegedly hid on another floor of the hospital for about five hours before he was found.

Justice Minister Jonathan Denis apologized for the escape, saying it never should have happened.

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