Waitress Eats Cockroach On Man's Plate, Ends Argument In Stunning Fashion (VIDEO)

There's an old adage if you're working in the restaurant industry: the customer is always right.

That's unless you eat a cockroach off their plate. Then the customer's just plain wrong.

It's how Jin Kuo, a waitress at the Jinsha Era Plaza hotel restaurant in Chengdu, China, ended an argument with one disgruntled customer during her shift.

The 39-year-old restaurant worker was caught on camera in a heated discussion with Zhang Yen, a businessman who had ordered a salad at the eatery.

See, there was an extra addition to Yen's salad that was bugging him: a dead cockroach. When Yen confronted Kuo, she insisted finding roaches in food was fairly common and the incident wasn't a big deal.

But Yen wasn't buying Kuo's story, insisting if it wasn't a big deal, she should eat it.

And that's exactly what she did.

To see what happened next after Kuo's shocking move, watch the video above.