07/18/2014 06:12 EDT | Updated 09/17/2014 05:59 EDT

Stitch in time saves $9,000 as mystery of missing sewing machine solved in B.C.

VICTORIA - Police in Victoria have sown up a mystery of the missing sewing machine, nearly seven years after it was supposed to be given as a Christmas gift.

The department says a man who'd been cleaning his house found the machine — still in it's original box — among property stored there by his stepdaughter's old friend.

Police say the man called a local sewing-machine store and learned it worth more than $9,000.

He took it to the police station and was told the machine had been reported stolen in late 2007.

Police say they tracked down the original owner, who said the machine was stolen from a vehicle before it could be put under the Christmas tree.

The department says the sewing machine will be reunited with its owner next week.