07/20/2014 07:54 EDT | Updated 07/20/2014 08:59 EDT

Toronto's Bike Pirates Shop Serves Only Ciswomen And Trans Customers On Sundays: Report


A Toronto DIY bicycle shop offers its services to ciswomen and trans customers only on Sundays, excluding other patrons, to create a safe space.

Ciswomen, or cis, refers to those who identify with the gender that matches the sex they were assigned when they were born.

Reddit user "downistehnewup" posted a photo of the Bike Pirates one-day policy on the social community site on Sunday, with the message, "Is this legal?" As it turns out, it is.

Bike Pirates, a volunteer-run business, explains this policy further on its website, writing:

"The goal of Sundays is to try to address the difficulties many women and trans people encounter when trying to access cycling by creating as safe a space as possible for learning, socializing, and empowering our selves and each other."

In effect since 2008, this "anti-oppressive" practice also satisfies a specific discrimination exemption under the Ontario Human Rights Code.

Section 20.3 allows for certain restrictions at recreational clubs and facilities, which can include women-only fitness centres.

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