07/21/2014 01:16 EDT | Updated 07/22/2014 08:59 EDT

Cool Facts About Bar U, One Of Canada's Oldest Working Ranches


The backdrop on the way to Alberta's Bar U Ranch is stunning — rich, rolling foothills, bright yellow canola fields and skies so big and beautiful they'll make your jaw drop.

But it's only once you arrive at the ranch your eyes will open to all that Alberta has to offer — not just now, but in Canada's early days, as well.

Bar U is one of Canada's oldest operating ranches and was designated a national historic site in 1991.

The Bar U Ranch National Historic Site preserves the spirit of a time when cowboy living and ranch culture were the primary way of life in Alberta.

Visitors to the ranch can enjoy guided tours, cracking campfires, the chance to learn steer roping. and see how a ranch operates.

As Canada approaches its 150th birthday celebration, Bar U Ranch is inviting Albertans and tourists alike to visit the ranch and learn a bit more about the history of Canada's West.

Check out some neat facts about the ranch in our video above.