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Spreadable Cookie Dough, Smoked Pickles Are The Latest Foods Trends Of 2014

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Spreadable cookie dough for toast, bourbon-spiked pickles and smoked chocolate chips are a few of the foods predicted to trend in the premium food world following a gourmet summer food fair.

Food experts and trendspotters from publications and sites like TheKitchn, Food & Wine magazine, and Better Homes & Gardens rounded up five of the hottest food trends out of the Summer Fancy Food Show in New York this month.

This year’s edition of the event, billed as a launchpad for new and innovative food trends, featured 2,730 gourmet chocolates, cheeses, charcuteries and snack foods from 49 countries.

According to foodspotters, look for cookie dough type spreads like oatmeal cookie butter, marshmallow cookie spreads, and graham cracker butters at a gourmet retailer near you.

Unexpected foods are also being infused with artificial smoke. Think smoked chocolate chips, pickles and cola gum drops.

Bourbon is enjoying a boost as well, with the spirit infusing ice creams, sugars and, again, pickles.

Experts also highlighted jerky as a snack food that may enjoy a renaissance, with beer-flavored jerky, wild salmon jerky and chili turkey jerky catching their eye.

And in the beverage world, matcha is the flavor du jour.

Other trends spotted at the trade fair included sheep’s milk yogurt, more twists on popcorn and gourmet mayonnaise.

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