07/21/2014 10:57 EDT | Updated 07/22/2014 10:59 EDT

Gander International Airport On 'Endangered' List, But Officials Say Otherwise (VIDEO)

The Gander International Airport Authority (GIAA) is challenging its "endangered" status after Heritage Canada The National Trust placed its facility's departures lounge on a top ten list of "at risk" places.

Low passenger volumes have forced the authority to consider construction of a smaller facility that's more suited to its traffic, The Canadian Press reports in the video below.

And though that means a new airport building may be on its way, the authority protests the trust's statement that the facility faces "imminent destruction."

"The current air terminal building’s size and inefficiencies make the operating costs untenable going forward," the GIAA said in a Facebook post.

"The authority supports any viable proposal to preserve, protect or re-purpose the old terminal building so long as that endeavour is sustainable and cost-neutral to the airport authority."

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