07/21/2014 06:21 EDT | Updated 09/20/2014 05:59 EDT

If You Puke In A Calgary Cab You're Going To Have To Pay $100

ivanikova via Getty Images
CALGARY - Throwing up in a Calgary cab will cost passengers $100.

City council has approved the fee intended to allow drivers to recover at least part of the cleanup cost.

It's also to help with the loss of revenue when cabs are out of service to get cleaned up.

Councillors also hope some compensation will encourage more drivers to work at night when cabs are scarce.

Mayor Naheed Nenshi wonders if a $100 charge is enough.

Council says that's likely to be as much as a driver can reasonably expect to recoup from a customer, particularly an intoxicated rider.

“Surely, if you’re taking your cab out of service for a few hours to clean it up and you’re paying a detailing fee, that’s going to be several hundred dollars to the driver,” Nenshi pointed out.

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