07/21/2014 12:07 EDT | Updated 07/22/2014 10:59 EDT

The Toronto Neighbourhood With The Coolest Quirky Fashion (VIDEO)

"When you think of major cities in North America—Chicago, New York, L.A.—the thing that distinguishes Toronto from those three cities is Toronto has more future than past." So says Andy Payne, a professor in Toronto, who frequents one of the most stylish Toronto neighbourhood that is known for its quirky fashion: Kensington Market.

A recent New York Times video captured the essence of the vibrant neighbourhood, which sits just west of Spadina Avenue, between Dundas and College streets, by talking with people who frequent it not only for it's hippie laid-back vibe but for it's cool vintage shops.

Take bartender Michelle Smith, who confesses to "liking vintage stuff" and finds covered-up clothes "sexy."

"Kensington Market is diverse in itself," she tells the Times. "You have high income, low income; there's a cross-section of everybody."

Vicki Nguyen, a retail clerk who dresses up as a "1930s English boy" agrees, saying that one of the best parts of Kensington is the diversity.

"[Kensington is a] big hubbub of different types of peoples, different types of cultures, a lot of different ideas... people seem to mesh well here," Nguyen says.

Check out the video about to see just why Kensington Market is one the most stylish neighbourhoods in North America's fourth-largest city.