07/21/2014 11:26 EDT | Updated 07/21/2014 11:59 EDT

'We Don't Want You Here': Powerful Middle East Ad Supports Mourning Families (VIDEO)

"We don't want you here."

It's a strange message to hear from a support group. But that's precisely what The Parents Circle — Families Forum (PCFF), an joint organization between mourning Palestinian and Israeli families, wants to communicate.

An ad posted by the organization to YouTube last week shows people telling viewers, "We don't want you here," referring specifically to the hope that families don't lose more loved ones in the ongoing conflict.

"All of us are going through difficult, sensitive and emotional days," says the video's description.

"But it's time for someone to stand up and say what is on everybody's mind. Even though it hurts."

The forum was formed by Yitzhak Frankental and a number of Israeli families in 1988. Palestinian families from East Jerusalem and the West Bank joined from 2000 onward.

It takes no position on any "political solution of the conflict." But many members feel that a resolution would have to come from "free negotiations" between both sides that ensure "basic human rights, the establishment of two states for two peoples, and the signing of a peace treaty."