07/22/2014 10:35 EDT | Updated 07/23/2014 09:59 EDT

Avril Lavigne Launches $375,000 Lawsuit Over Unpaid NYC Concert

Avril Lavigne is suing a promoter for $375,000 claiming that is the amount owed to her for a concert in New York City last September.

TMZ reports the singer filed the lawsuit in Los Angeles stating a Sept. 25, 2013 concert in New York City (as well as related promotional appearances) was supposed to leave her $500,000 richer. However 2VLive, a "live concert streaming company" agreed to pay her in three separate installments.

The outlet seems to have the concert date incorrect as a post on Lavigne's Facebook page as well as a link from the Highline Ballroom venue had the show scheduled on Dec. 3. Tickets were priced between $70 and $120. Fans could then watch the concert live on stream by paying $5.99 for an access code.

Apparently the singer claims the first installment for $125,000 went to Lavigne without any hassle but the subsequent two installments for $300,000 and then $75,000, never went through. The 23-page suit also claims Lavigne was to receive 15 percent from a deal with a 2VLive affiliate which produces video greeting cards. The singer hasn't received anything from that deal, either.

The 2VLive Twitter account (which has over 11,000 followers) has been rife in recent months with plugs for the concert however the official site has been taken down. A Billboard article from last September said the company was based in Atlanta, London and Toronto and described itself as the "On Demand" of online concert streaming. The first four concerts confirmed for the company included a Cee-Lo Green show last October at Toronto's Sound Academy as well as gigs by Lavigne, Demi Lovato and Paloma Faith at the time also planned.

Lavigne, who released her self-titled album in 2013, has not commented publicly on the suit.

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