07/22/2014 02:14 EDT | Updated 07/22/2014 02:59 EDT

Pro-Palestinian Group To Apologize For Violence At Calgary Rally (VIDEO)

The organizers of last week's pro-Palestinian rally in Calgary plan to apologize to pro-Israeli demonstrators, after the situation turned violent.

Two skirmishes between the groups are visible in a YouTube video posted online after last Friday's demonstration.

Samantha Hamilton, 22, attended the rally with her family to show their solidarity with Israel, but she told the Calgary Sun their intended peaceful gesture quickly turned violent when her brother and cousin were attacked by pro-Palestinian supporters.

"They saw us and crossed over with their Palestinian flags,” she told the Sun.

“I looked over and my brother was on the ground with six to seven men on top of him, they were beating up my brother."

Hamilton told the Calgary Herald when she tried to intervene, she was punched in the eye and pulled by her hair to the ground.

Dozens of officers were called in to calm the crowd, closing off a section of Macleod Trail outside City Hall, reports CTV News.

Protest organizer Saima Jama told the National Post that while none of the rally organizers incited or participated in the violence, her group regrets what happened.

She said the organizers will issue a public apology to the counter-protesters on Wednesday.

She also assured Sun News that an upcoming rally this Friday will have more marshals on hand to ensure counter-protesters are protected.

"Just to make sure tempers aren't flaring, we're making this an anti-racism rally as well," she said.

Police have not laid any charges, but continue to investigate.

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