07/22/2014 09:31 EDT | Updated 07/23/2014 09:59 EDT

Cops Called To Bieber's Condo Six (!) Times In One Night, Risks Violating Probation

Fresh off avoiding a felony charge for egging his former neighbour's house, Justin Bieber is back to annoying the people he lives beside.

Police were called to Bieber's Beverly Hills condo an incredible six times Saturday night, four times for partying too loudly on the roof and twice for altercations with fans and paparazzi.

If the Beverly Hills police department decides to cite the Canadian pop star, it could be a violation of the two-year probation that he got slapped with when he copped to a misdemeanour vandalism charge over the egg raid.

Police have already been called for Bieber reportedly "hotboxing" his condo, and his neighbours have hired private security to deal with him and his friends.

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