07/22/2014 08:19 EDT | Updated 07/22/2014 09:59 EDT

Dean Norris Of 'Breaking Bad' Won't Be Attending The Emmys

"Breaking Bad"s Dean Norris dropped by "Chelsea Lately" and told us he’s going to be missing the Emmys this year to play Ben Franklin in Romania.

Unfortunately, it looks like Norris was snubbed for an Emmy this year for his role as Hank in "Breaking Bad," but the show itself grabbed a whopping 16 nominations.

Still, Bustle certainly didn't take the Emmy snubs for both Norris and "Breaking Bad" co-star Betsy Brandt lightly…

"What gives, Emmys? These two snubs really hurt. Granted, Norris and Brandt hadn’t been nominated for their roles in Breaking Bad in the past, but they both did consistently strong work throughout the series."

But, as CBS News mentioned, Norris is keeping busy with his current role in the show "Under the Dome," which, according to Norris in a recent interview with "Entertainment Tonight," will have a “much higher body count” in its upcoming season.

And as fans hold their breath for the upcoming "Breaking Bad" spin-off, "Better Call Saul," Norris has already announced that an appearance from Hank on the new show is "unlikely" due to his shooting schedule for "Under the Dome."