07/22/2014 12:39 EDT | Updated 09/21/2014 05:59 EDT

Free cocaine samples handed to youth, police allege

Three men face charges for allegedly providing free samples of base cocaine to youth in Edmonton last week.

The samples were handed out last Wednesday and Thursday from the window of a white Dodge Ram pickup truck parked near 103rd Street and 83 Avenue in the Old Strathcona area.

“They had half-gram packets of base cocaine, so powdered cocaine, and on the back of the packet was their contact information," said police spokesman Scott Pattison. 

"Very brazen, very out there."

Pattison said the Old Strathcona area of Edmonton attracts a large number of young people, and the location where the men allegedly handed out the samples is close to two centres that offer services to street youth. 

Three men in their 20s are charged with trafficking, possession for the purpose of trafficking and living off the proceeds of crime.