07/22/2014 10:06 EDT | Updated 07/23/2014 10:59 EDT

Husband Creates Spreadsheet Of Wife's Excuses Not To Have Sex

If you thought relationships were about communicating with your partner one-on-one when things get tough, one Reddit user is making us think otherwise.

According to user hrowwwwaway29, who identifies herself as a 26-year-old female, her sexually frustrated husband sent her a spreadsheet for the month of June of all the reasons why she did and didn't want to have sex with him.

"According to his 'document', we've only had sex three times in the last seven weeks, out of 27 'attempts' on his part," she writes.

The video above goes into all the so-called excuses and how the Reddit community (and the rest of the Internet) responded.

We're not sure who we feel more embarrassed for, the wife whose private life is now very public (albeit by her own doing), or for this husband for being organized in the worst way possible.