07/22/2014 11:25 EDT | Updated 07/22/2014 11:59 EDT

McDonald's, KFC Expired Meat Scandal Sees Blame Laid On Chinese Government

McDonald’s Corp. and KFC owner Yum Brands have issued apologies after a Chinese news expose showing expired meat being repackaged and sold as fresh to the fast food chains.

But China’s restaurant lovers seem to be taking the revelations in stride -- and are blaming the government.

“The factory has been running for so many years. What were the regulators doing?” asked one blogger.

“Why do so many international brands face scandals only in China? That’s a question worth thinking about,” another blogger wrote.

In fact, it seems when it comes to fast food, many Chinese consumers fear local restaurants more, which they argue are an even larger food safety risk.

See the video above for the full story.

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