07/22/2014 10:52 EDT | Updated 07/22/2014 11:59 EDT

Ukrainian MPs Brawl In Parliament After Debate Gets Heated (VIDEO)

No matter how intense things can get in question period, at least Canadians can take solace in the fact that our members of Parliament can resist the urge to physically attack each other.

That's not the case in Ukraine, though, where a debate devolved into fisticuffs after an MP accused a rival party of killing people.

On Tuesday, Oleg Tiagnybok, a member of the radical, far-right Svoboda party, voted to remove Yuri Levcheko, a Party of Regions MP from the beleaguered Donetsk region, from parliament. According to Storyful, Levcheko shot back that Tiagnybok's party "kills its citizens," sparking a bit of a brawl.

Has anything similar happened in Ottawa? No. But, in late 2012, Conservative House leader Peter Van Loan and NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair had a heated exchange that almost turned physical after Van Loan stormed across the Commons floor to confront then-NDP House leader Nathan Cullen over a procedural mistake.

New Democrats claimed at the time that Van Loan was swearing at Cullen, causing Mulcair to step in and tell the Tory minister to stop "threatening" his House leader. Conservatives said it was Mulcair who was using foul language.

Still, the near-fight made waves and sparked a few jokes.

"If those two did have a fight, it would make Sumo wrestling look like a fitness contest," said former interim Liberal leader Bob Rae.

With a file from The Canadian Press