07/23/2014 04:14 EDT | Updated 09/22/2014 05:59 EDT

Bombers' Sears, Kelly out for B.C. game, as Moore gets to play former team

WINNIPEG - Receiver Nick Moore is getting ready to return to the Lion's den but this time in a Winnipeg Blue Bomber uniform.

"I want to beat them just as bad as I want to beat everybody else," said Moore, who spent three seasons with the B.C. Lions until he was scooped as a free agent by the Bombers after the end of 2013.

"I want to win every game. They're just another team."

Moore said his time with the Lions included highs and lows as he moved back and forth from the active roster to the practice roster, although he went out with a bang, finishing third in the CFL with 1,105 receiving yards and six touchdowns in 2013.

He says the Lions wanted him to stay but "it was the best choice for me to come here and, as you can see, it worked out well for me."

At the same time, he suggested a little immaturity might have made him focus on the wrong things when he was wearing Lions' colours.

"It was a little bit up and down but I can't complain, it made me what I am today."

He has already established himself as No. 1 on the Bomber's receiving list this season with 221 yards after four games and is a favourite target of Winnipeg quarterback Drew Willy, who he has known since their years trying to crack the NFL.

"Being with a new team, that's one of the games that you look forward to," he said of his return to Vancouver. "That being said, it's just another game. It's an important game because it's a divisional game but it's just another game."

The Bombers have moved back to the CFL West after spending almost a decade in the East following the departure of Ottawa, which has now returned to the league with the Redblacks.

The Bombers will be without a promising young receiver, Aaron Kelly, when they walk into B.C. Place. He continues to be bothered by a knee problem, although he did practice some this week.

Promising Canadian receiver Julian Feoli-Gudino will be playing, although he didn't practice Wednesday.

The Bombers will also be missing veteran defensive back Johnny Sears. They had already accepted that defensive end Jason Vega, No. 2 on Winnipeg's sack list, wouldn't be playing.

Coach Mike O'Shea confirmed Wednesday that Maurice Leggett will sub for Sears, now that Leggett is off the injured list.

The Bomber offence has been working all week to close the gaps that let Willy get sacked five times last week, as they fell 26-3 to the Edmonton Eskimos, their first loss of the season.

"Mentally we've had good practices all week, we're definitely ready to go," said Willy.

"I like our game plan this week and I think we're going to go out and execute it. We really just need to go out there and be successful as an offence, really communicate, depending how loud it gets and all that, and just make sure we're on the same page."

Communication, or lack thereof, was an issue O'Shea highlighted after last week's pasting. But nine-season CFL veteran offensive lineman Steve Morley says as far as the front five were concerned, that wasn't really their problem.

"I think the communication was fine, we didn't really have missed assignments, it was more just guys getting beat," he said.

"They knew we were passing, Edmonton has a really good front four rushing the passer. . . We have to use better technique, finish our plays, hopefully don't get down by 20 in the fourth quarter."