07/23/2014 04:23 EDT | Updated 09/22/2014 05:59 EDT

GM recall adds almost 50,000 vehicles in Canada to growing list

GM issued six more recall notices covering more than 700,000 vehicles Wednesday, bringing its total to 60 separate recalls of almost 30 million vehicles this year alone.

The recalls announced Wednesday include 718,000 cars, SUVs and trucks, including 49,783 in Canada. 

The biggest recall is for faulty seat height adjusters for over 414,000 cars and small SUVs worldwide. Other problems include incomplete welds on seat brackets, turn signal failures, power steering failures, loose suspension bolts and faulty roof rack bolts.

The recalled vehicles include:

- Chevy Camaro from the 2011-12 model years

- Chevy Equinox and GMC Terrain from the 2010-12 model years

- Buick Regal and Buick LaCross from the 2011-12 model years

- Cadillac SRX from 2010-12 model years

- Chevrolet Caprices, Chevrolet SS, Chevrolet Silverado LD and HD, Cadillac ATS, Cadillac CTS, Cadillac ELR, Buick Encore and GMC Sierra LD and HD from the 2013-14 model years

- Buick Regal from the 2011-13 model years

- Chevrolet Malibu from 2014 model year

- Chevrolet Impala from 2014 model year

The company is in the midst of an unprecedented safety blitz, fighting hard to show regulators and the public that it is serious about public safety of its vehicles amid a government probe after trial lawyers discovered that the company knew about a deadly small-car ignition switch problem for more than a decade, yet failed to recall the cars until this year.

GM says 13 people have died in crashes linked to the switches in 2.6 million older small cars, but politicians and lawyers say the death toll is closer to 100.

The company has set up a fund to compensate victims. The bungled recall has brought investigations from the Justice Department and Congress, as well as a maximum $35-million fine from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for delays in reporting problems to the agency.

Even before Wednesday, GM had passed its old full-year record of 11.8 million vehicles recalled in 2004. The company also pushed the total number of vehicles recalled in the U.S. by all automakers well over the old record of 30.8 million vehicles, also set in 2004. Automakers have recalled more than 33 million vehicles so far this year.