07/23/2014 04:32 EDT | Updated 07/23/2014 04:59 EDT

Weird Al's 'Mandatory Fun' Is His First Number One Album, Best Sales Week Ever

"Weird Al" yankovic took over the Internet last week, releasing eight videos over eight days to promote his new album, "Mandatory Fun," and the gambit worked.

Though it was the three-time Grammy-winner's 14th album over the past 35 years, "Mandatory Fun" landed atop the Billboard album chart with 104,000 copies, giving the musical-comedian his first number one album in the U.S., best first-week sales ever and bragging rights to the first comedy album to hit number one in 50 years. (The last one was Allan Sherman's 1963 release "My Son, the Nut.")

"Mandatory Fun" was number three here in Canada.

The numbers for the eight videos weren't too shabby, either, with 46 million views over the eight days. He also owned Spotify, with 3.2 million streams across all his albums, an increase of 785%, including 2.1 million for the new album.

Yankovic has said this will likely be his final album, telling the Associated Press that the pop-culture parody world he operates in requires a faster turnaround these days.

"I've been under contract since 1982 and I just kind of feel like especially with the kind of music that I do, the album format isn't the best way to deliver that music. I'm going to try to jump on new hits and new trends as soon as I can [with singles' and try to be a little bit more competitive with everybody else in the world on YouTube."

Here are the eight Weird Al video parodies: "Tacky," "Word Crimes," "FOIL," "Handy," "Sports Song," "First World Problems," "Lame Claim To Fame" and "Mission Statement."

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