07/23/2014 02:16 EDT | Updated 09/22/2014 05:59 EDT

'You are the worst mother ever,' abusive mom told in court

A Conception Bay North mother wearing a prison jumpsuit sat quietly Wednesday as harrowing evidence was presented to court about the relentless abuse she inflicted on her own children. 

"I feel you are the worst mother ever. I'm not going to be like you," one of her children, a daughter, wrote in a victim impact statement that Crown prosecutor Lisa Stead read. 

A publication ban means the mother and other details that would identify her children cannot be named.

Stead struggled with her emotions as she read the two statements, which contained harrowing details of the abuse that will send the mother to prison. 

The 33-year-old is convicted of hitting and kicking her children repeatedly over many years and forcing them to watch her have sex with her husband, who is currently before the courts on similar charges. 

The court heard, among other things, that the mother locked her children in their rooms until they soiled themselves.

The Crown says the children were so afraid, they hid their bruises.

After the victim impact statements were read aloud, Judge Jim Walsh asked the mother if she wanted to speak. She said "no."

The Crown said that her refusal to accept that she did anything wrong should be taken into consideration during sentencing. 

During Wednesday's sentencing hearing in Harbour Grace, the Crown said a sentence of 14 years is warranted. 

Defence lawyer Jeff Slade recommended a sentence of eight years and two months. 

Walsh will render his decision in September.