07/24/2014 02:37 EDT | Updated 07/25/2014 02:59 EDT

Kate Upton Wears Birkenstocks With Her Lingerie Nightie And Looks Stunning

Even supermodels get tired of wearing heels all day at work.

Enter: Kate Upton, who posted an Instagram snap on Wednesday that showed her looking stunning in an aqua lace lingerie nightie and a pair of gold Birkenstock sandals

"Where are all the cabs?!" Kate captioned the pic. Indeed, Kate; where are all the cabs?

In the pic, the 22-year-old Vogue cover gal sits down on a ledge surrounded by gorgeous foliage. While we don't know where the Sports Illustrated swimsuit babe was, judging by her sexy outfit (minus the Birks), Kate was probably in the middle of a glamorous photo shoot. (Oh, to be an internationally famous supermodel!)

Speaking of photo shoots, the blond beauty landed the cover of Elle UK's Sept. 2014 issue! For the cover photo, "The Other Woman" star rocks a Prada print coat and a black bodysuit that shows off her legs to perfection.

"Because I’m from Florida, it’s all about being in bathing suits," Kate told the mag. "It’s a different view of beauty there. You are ugly if you don’t have a curvy body. And I didn’t have one, and then I got one, and thought, 'Yessss!' And then people say: 'Oh, wow, you’re healthy,' and you’re like, 'Wait – what? I’ve been begging for this body my whole life!'"

You tell 'em, Kate!

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