07/24/2014 10:53 EDT | Updated 07/25/2014 09:00 EDT

The Queen Photobombs Hockey Players At Commonwealth Games

What, you think Kate is the only one who's allowed to photobomb civilians?

After Australian field hockey player Jayde Taylor helped her team win a 4-0 victory over Malaysia at the Commonwealth Games, currently being held in Glasgow, she got a one-two punch of awesome — meeting the Queen, and then getting an unexpected picture with the monarch. Smiling like she knew exactly what she was doing, no less.

Considering how closely the Queen is watched, it's surprising she can sneak up on people like that, but she's done it before with a BBC broadcast that panned out to find Her Majesty in their shot (she'd been taking a tour of the building).

Whatever the circumstances, it's a pretty great gift for these Commonwealth citizens to receive as they kick off their appearance at the Games, defending their 2010 gold medal.

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