07/25/2014 05:09 EDT | Updated 07/26/2014 05:59 EDT

30th Birthday Ideas For Nostalgic Millennials (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Congratulations, you're 30!

You've been around as long as this computer...

macintosh 1984

These toys...

optimus prime

And this man's career on "Jeopardy."

alex trebek

But how to celebrate the occasion?

You could go out for drinks...

You could have a nice family dinner...

Or you could just stay home and deny that this day has come.

OR you could tap into your inner child for ideas. Like an after-hours party at Chuck E. Cheese's...

Actually, that mouse is still too creepy. How about McDonald's?

You'll have to order a Happy Meal.

And confront childhood traumas.

Better yet, have a party with friends in your parents' old rec room.'80s-era wooden panels are a must.

rec room

And your folks MUST be home for this.

Grab an eight-bit Nintendo.

nintendo system

And play all your old favourites. Like "Duck Hunt."

Or "Contra."

Or "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles."

Make it a movie night and watch the films your parents didn't allow you to as a child.

Like "The Garbage Pail Kids."

"Nightmare on Elm Street."

Or "Aliens."

The food table must have freezies...


And Cheezies...


And this to wash it all down.

Or put on a tacky dance party.

You can play all your old favourites. Like Tevin Campbell...

Kris Kross...

Or (Lord help us) this guy. For nostalgic purposes only...

Whatever you do, just remember: being young was great...

But the best is yet to come.

So happy birthday! And here's to many more great ones.

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