Man Posts List Of 125 Dating Dealbreakers, Is Probably Still Single

Everyone has characteristics they want or don't want in a partner (known as dealbreakers to the dating initiated), but rarely are people so rigid in their expectations that they feel confident in laying them out in a highly detailed fashion.

One woman, known only as Emily, posted a list on her Tumblr page with one sentence: "oh my god this guy messaged me on okcupid and he has a 'don’t message me if' section and ..."

As described in the video above, the man posted a list of 125 stipulations placed on whoever he would deign to date. Maybe Emily should feel flattered, but mostly, we're just happy she felt the need to share it with the rest of the world.

Here is the list in all its screen-capped glory, via Emily's Tumblr page.

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