07/26/2014 12:15 EDT | Updated 09/25/2014 05:59 EDT

N.B.'s Central Hampstead Baptist Church sells for $1,900

A New Brunswick church built in Canada’s confederation year sold for $1,900 at auction on Saturday.

The new owners say they’re going to move the Central Hampstead Baptist Church about 10 kilometres down the road and and turn it into a cottage.

The Gagetown-area church dates back to 1867. Over the years the church’s congregation has dwindled and its remaining parishioners couldn’t afford to keep the church open.

Before it was up for auction it only had about a dozen members, with four of them being active in church affairs.

The building and its contents — including original stained glass windows and  antique furniture — were all on the auction block. Boxes of hymn books and bibles sold for less than $3. The church organ sold for $50.

Money raised through the auction will help pay for a monument to the church. Any remaining funds will be donated to a worthy cause.

The handful of church members will join the nearby Queenstown Baptist congregation.