07/28/2014 03:42 EDT | Updated 07/28/2014 03:59 EDT

Clothes That Will Instantly Make People Dislike You

There are clothes that are universally loved (Chuck Taylors, hoodies, sweatpants, jeans) and then there are clothes that are pretty much universally loathed.

Read on to see the clothes that, if you wear them, will instantly make people dislike you (so wear them at your own risk).

If you disagree with any of these items (and you probably will) sound off in the comments below.

TapOut apparel.

Clothing with YOLO printed on them.

Bucket hats.

Ed Hardy clothes.

Sexist t-shirts.

Offensive clothing.

Velour sweats.

Dreamcatchers as necklaces.

Socks and sandals.

Clothes with the Burberry check.

"I heart Nerds"/"Talk Nerdy To Me"/"I'm A Nerd" shirts.

Three wolf moon shirts.

Che Guevara shirts.

SnapBack fedoras.

Shutter shades.

Ugg boots.


Deep V shirts.

Beanies with built-in dreadlocks.