Watch This Tiny Army Of Sea Turtles Hatch In Front Of Your Eyes

What's cuter than one baby sea turtle crawling out of its nest? One hundred of them.

A live stream webcam (or turtle cam) has captured the birth of at least 100 baby sea turtles on a Florida Keys beach. The video, which shows these little loggerhead sea turtles crawling out of their nest and heading to sea, was recorded on July 25, according to AP.

And for those of you who are worried, no, the camera did not distract these three-inch turtles. According to reports, the high-definition camera used infrared lighting so the hatchlings would not be confused by the light. The webcam series is hoping to raise more awareness about protecting sea turtles in the Florida Keys.

According to the beach's site, all five species of sea turtles are either threatened or endangered, and a female sea turtle usually lays around 100 eggs before covering them in sand. Two months later, the eggs hatch and these somewhat confused baby turtles head back to sea.

But enough of the facts, check out the video above for more sea turtle action.

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