07/28/2014 11:04 EDT | Updated 09/27/2014 05:59 EDT

Gary McNeil Named To Review TransLink SkyTrain Shutdowns

VANCOUVER - An independent review of Metro Vancouver's rapid-transit system begins on Tuesday and follows two recent shutdowns that crippled trains and stranded thousands of commuters.

The shutdowns of the Expo and Millennium lines occurred July 17 and July 21, and in some cases, passengers pried open doors and walked along elevated tracks.

TransLink blamed the chaos on computer problems and human error, but CEO Ian Jarvis says the former head of Go Transit, the transportation authority for Greater Toronto and Hamilton area, will conduct a review that's due by the end of October.

Jarvis says Gary McNeil will review TransLink's response plan for major-service disruptions, identify improvements and look at ways to prevent similar problems in the future.

He says McNeil will also look at what procedural and equipment changes can be made so service can resume more quickly.

Jarvis says TransLink has already conducted its own internal reviews and will begin to implement changes, such as mobilizing more employees quicker, better public announcements and a plan to provide improved customers support when problems arise.

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