Pronouncing Words Like 'Vase' Makes People Judge You

It's well-known that the way you speak affects how people view you, but as it turns out, it can get a lot more specific than merely having an accent or not.

According to a survey done by eBay for its pottery and glass page, certain words related to home decorating can get you instant judgments from those around you, who may perceive you as, say, stuck up, or alternatively, tacky.

And it's almost impossible not to test yourself on this. After all, when the New York Times published a quiz using dialect maps from across the U.S. last year, it went instantly viral as people tested themselves on where they sounded like they came from.

Check out the infographic below, and tell us — does this fall in line with your own experiences? Or better yet, do you have a whole new way of saying these words?

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