07/30/2014 03:48 EDT | Updated 09/29/2014 05:59 EDT

Fruit flies appearing earlier due to muggy summer: zoologist

You recycle, put your organic waste in the compost bin and now you're paying the price with the appearance of fruit flies.

Andrew Hebda, the curator of zoology at the Nova Scotia Museum of Natural History, says the muggy heat we're experiencing means we're seeing more fruit flies and we're seeing them a little earlier this year.

He's provided a list of fruit fly facts that will help you know your enemy — and maybe win the battle against this dreaded pest of summer.

5. They may have moved in before you

If the contractor who built your building so much as dropped an apple core on the job site, Hebda says fruit flies are already in your house before you move in. He says they're just waiting for a food source to make themselves known.

4. They don't mean to bump into you

Fruit flies can't see very well and you smell faintly of food. That's why they have a tendency to fly in your face, particularly while you're eating.

3. You may be letting them in

A fruit fly can go from larva to adulthood in less than a week. Hebda says the fruit you buy will often have eggs already on them waiting to become adults and lay their own eggs. His advice? Rinse what you can and keep your fruit in the fridge.

2. They don't care about the time of year

Hebda says fruit flies don't really care about the time of year. They're more concerned with how warm it is.

"We're noticing more because flies are cold blooded. So the warmer it gets, the faster they grow — the faster they produce generations," he said. "We're producing a lot more fruit flies in the first place and the other thing is that we're producing a lot more food for them as well."

Hebda says the cold spring followed by a sudden turn to summer has made the pests show up a little earlier this year.

1. They're trying to pay you a compliment

"The fruit flies are trying to tell you that you live in a lovely place. You know that. That's why you're there," says Hebda.

"It seems to me the problem is you don't want to share."