07/30/2014 07:37 EDT | Updated 08/28/2014 05:59 EDT

IJustine Kicks Things Into High-Gear With The Best Fitness Devices


Never before have fitness and technology been closer thanks to the popularity of wearable technology.

But we're not talking about cutting-edge fashion here. Rather, think along the lines of devices like heart-rate monitors, smartphones with fitness apps and even wristbands that monitor your health.

Not too sure what's currently out on the market? Don't sweat it. While the smartphone and fitness tracker are a popular combo, feel free to accessorize with some of the more advanced options like invisible helmets and "smart bras" in the video above.

Welcome to Hardwired 2.0, an AOL On Original series dedicated to tackling the latest tech trends and how they one day might impact your life.

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