07/30/2014 09:50 EDT | Updated 09/29/2014 05:59 EDT

Tsuu T'ina First Nation wants more clarity about Transparency Act

Alberta's Tsuu T'ina First Nation wants some clarification on new federal rules on financial transparency.

The band says it's not sure of the privacy implications of the First Nations Financial Transparency Act, which requires audited annual statements and all salaries and financial compensation of the chief and councillors to be posted online.

Peter Manywounds says the band has posted seven pages of information, but nothing about salaries.

“Is the act in fact lawful, constitutional? Does it contravene treaty and aboriginal rights?”.

“The issue isn't about compliance or reporting or giving the information out," said Manywounds. "That's not our issue, we give that information to our members and we always have. The issue is to whom should it be disclosed.”

Manywounds said he hopes the act will be discussed at an upcoming First Nations meeting.

“We're not sure if we complied with [the act] the way it's being requested in the legislation, whether or not we'd be breaching our fiduciary responsibility to our members. That's an area that we need more clarity on.”

First Nations who refuse to comply with the Transparency Act could be subject to a court order or see funds withheld from them.