07/31/2014 10:02 EDT | Updated 09/30/2014 05:59 EDT

North Shore Rescue searching for 2 lost hikers

Two men are still missing after two separate searches were launched last night for two pairs of hikers lost in Vancouver's North Shore Mountains.

The first search was launched on Wednesday night for two men who got off course while hiking down from a rock climbing trip on Crown Mountain, a peak just north of Grouse Mountain,

The search continues for the pair, but locating them has proven difficult because their cellphone died shortly after they called a friend.

The second search was launched a short while later for a man and woman in trouble in the Lynn Headwaters region, several kilometres to the east.

The pair got separated after the woman ran into problems and man attempted to hike out alone and find a cellphone signal to call for help. Both were eventually found by North Shore Rescue volunteers on Thursday morning.