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Rob Ford, Deadmau5 Go On Coffee Run, Mayor Orders 5 Espressos In One Cup (VIDEO)

As reported on Monday, Deadmau5 and Toronto Mayor Rob Ford met at Toronto's City Hall for what was later revealed to be a "coffee run."

Well, a 30-minute YouTube clip was released Wednesday afternoon showing just that. And yes, they went to a Tim Hortons drive-thru with Ford ordering five espressos in one cup. Yes, five.

The video opens with Ford and Deadmau5, aka Joel Zimmerman, in an underground parking lot with the mayor adjusting his seat belt. "Ah, there we go," Ford says before Deadmau5 asks if he's comfy. "You won't be the way I drive," the musician adds. Someone in Ford's inner circle then asks if it'll take about half an hour. Deadmau5 replies "not even."

The next few minutes feature Deadmau5 talking about the feline-inspired car wrap around his Ferrari (known as the "Purrari") and its origins. But it quickly veers toward pothole.

"The city would go nuts, the unions would go nuts," Ford replies when Deadmau5 inquires if an individual can start fixing potholes themselves.

"I'll get this fixed up. I'm onto these things like nonstop. It might sound little in the grand scheme of things -- potholes and stuff -- but the people that go over them every single day, that's a major inconvenience for them." Ford then mentions the "broken window" theory where minor problems must be solved otherwise larger issues won't be.

Nearly nine minutes in the duo avoid a fender bender. "Look at this joker! Are you for real?" Deadmau5 says while Ford puts his left hand over his face. "I'm the first one dead on that one man," Ford says. Deadmau5 hits the gas, stating he's "mad."

"We're insured, we're insured," Deadmau5 says. "I wanna live," Ford responds with a laugh.

"This thing is cool man, this thing is like unbelievable," Ford says of the car. "I'd be toast owning one of these, man, I know I would be."

Ford then says that when he's "up north" on "Highway 11" "sometimes I open it up" but "if the cops catch me I'm toast, that's the problem."

Fifteen minutes in, Ford and Deadmau5 finally get to a Tim Hortons drive-thru.

"Can I get five espressos in one cup?" Ford says as Deadmau5 asks for an extra-large double-double. "I don't know but it's good," Ford adds after Deadmau5 quips "that's cardiac arrest!" Ford hands Deadmau5 a $20 bill since he "can't have anyone paying for it" which causes Deadmau5 to mug for the camera.

"How much caffeine is in should look that up," When they pull up to the window Ford asks to ensure there's five shots of espresso in his cup, giving Deadmau5 the change.

"I pound these espressos back," Ford says.

On the way back, the discussion turns to Ford returning phone calls. He says that some nights he gets between 70 to 80 voice messages and he'll call some people back at 1 a.m. Ford then talks about the ongoing construction for the 2015 Pan Am Games in Toronto.

"There's a lot of work going into the Pan Am and I'm just praying this thing doesn't sink the bank," he says. "There are some things that are just ridiculous." Deadmau5 sounds shocked when Ford mentions the price tag for a BMX track: $4.5 million. "That f--king pile of dirt with the kids on the bikes?" "They got a quote, listen to this, for a million and a half bucks...a f--king track!" Ford says, adding he's incredulous the price has tripled. "There's a scam going on if you ask me," Ford says, later adding "I don't think we're ready for them."

Ford becomes highly amused when Deadmau5 talks about driving around Toronto. "So basically if you can get through this you're almost f--king F1 certified," he says. Later, the two also talk about Deadmau5's famous "mouse head"helmets, which are now made by the Jim Henson Company in California.

The two speak about the dangers of texting while driving and Ford says eating while driving is also a major danger. But Ford wouldn't put in a law for that to stop. "I hate government intervention," Ford says. "I just let people live and let live."

"But you're a mayor?" Deadmau5 says. "I know, I know..." Ford replies.

The Mayor and Deadmau5, however, strongly disagree about the popular board game Risk. "Oh, I get right into it," Ford says after Deadmau5 says "it takes a special type of f--ked up person" to enjoy the game.

Finally, Ford is impressed at the fact the "Purrari" manages to drive under the parking lot gate. "Holy smokes," Ford says after Deadmau5 says the car is low to the ground. After driving into his parking space the two shake hands and end the rather adventurous affair.

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