07/31/2014 01:08 EDT | Updated 08/14/2014 04:59 EDT

18 Saree Truths Only South Asian Girls Understand

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Wedding season is here and if you're a South Asian woman, you probably will be attending a handful.

The saree or sari is a traditional South Asian outfit that consists of a long one-size-fits-all wrap, a fitted blouse and a petticoat. While they're deemed everything from exotic to sexy (yes, they are definitely sexy), there's an art to mastering the saree, something us South Asian gals know too well.

Here are 18 truths about wearing a saree to a wedding, mandir (temple), your mother-in-law's house and wherever else you have to go:

That moment when you find a blouse that actually fits

But you also know that almost anything can be a blouse these days

Bras, tube tops, you name it

Peeing with a saree on is the absolute worst

You also sometimes trip over your own saree

All that embroidery can make your saree heavy

And uncomfortable to walk in like this non-saree

But most of the time, they are light and airy

And no Kelis, my saree brings all the boys to the yard

No seriously, they have the perfect amount of sex appeal for all kinds of bodies.

But they also let you show off/hide whatever your heart desires

You almost always need someone else to put it on for you... most likely your mom or Google. Or both.

Or the aunties at the wedding who take you to the bathroom to "fix" the problem.

And after they've put it on for you, you basically can't breathe

You also form sexy red and sometimes swollen skin around your waist once you take it off.

Posing for a photo? Three words: suck it in.

You have had at least ONE saree that included a built-in bra

But that being said, who needs a bra?

When you see other girls with sarees that are too short... someone didn't put it on with their shoes

When you order a saree online and the colours are all off

When someone tells you to dress up for an event, you probably don't have to do this

LOL, your mom would never let you leave the house looking like this

Sorry Desi girl

Also, your mom when you decided to wear that Priyanka Chopra saree

But with all these truths and problems, you can't wait until the next time you have to wear a saree