08/01/2014 01:38 EDT | Updated 08/01/2014 01:59 EDT

Man Who Underwent Face Transplant Poses In GQ (VIDEO)

The men and women featured in GQ are typically A-listers who are known for their red carpet gravitas and their stunning looks (hello, Kate Upton and Michael Fassbender).

However, the men's magazine's latest star isn't a model or an actor. The August 2014 issue features Richard Lee Norris, a 38-year-old man who underwent a full face transplant in 2012 after losing most of his upper and lower jaw, lips, teeth and tongue in a 1997 gun accident.

Now, Norris says he is recovering well, although he will have to take immunosuppressant drugs for the rest of his life and there is a risk that his body could reject his new face. "Every day," he told GQ, "I wake up with that fear: Is this the day? The day I'm going to go into a state of rejection that is going to be so bad that the doctors can't change it?"

Despite his fears, Norris is happy to show off his new face and to live a life without having to hide.

"When I look in the mirror," he said, "I see Richard Norris."

Check out his GQ feature in the video above.

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